Mike Hague 2018 Formal SunTrust Pic

Mike is currently the board chair and is originally from Lexington Ky. He grew up in Lexington and spent the first 17 years of his working life in Lexington, working for CBSI a Bank holding company. In 1997 Mike and his family moved to Cleveland OH working for National City Bank. He held several roles with his last role as SVP, Data Center. After 11 years in Cleveland, Mike and his family moved to Atlanta GA. to take a role at SunTrust Bank. After 11 years and several roles at SunTrust, Mike Retired in 2018 as the SVP of the Vendor Management Organization. In 2017 Mike and his wife Becky purchased a house in North Port. They moved full time to Florida in February of 2018. They are very active members of their neighborhood participating in tennis, other social events and church at Trinity Presbyterian in Venice FL. Mike is a active elder in the Presbyterian church and servers as the Co-chair of the mission team. Mike and Becky spend time with their family, children and grandchildren, travel frequently, play tennis, enjoy Kentucky sporting events and sunsets in southwest FL.

Mike Hague Board Chair


Lou is a native of Chicago IL and now is living in Venice FL. Lou’s was a manager for the Chicago power and light company and retired in 2017. Lou family is still living in Chicago. Lou lives in Venice and works at CAM every morning as the Volunteer coordinator. Lou ensures that the volunteers deliver what we need to our clients. Lou and his wife Cheryl enjoy the sunsets, warm climate and the people of Southwest Fl. Lou and Cheryl interests are scuba diving as Lou is a certified instructor, traveling, Riding his motorcycle, and helping people in need.

Lou Szekeres Vice Chair


Geoff Baker

Geoff is the Treasurer of the CAM board and has lived in Iowa, Michigan, Virginia and now is living in Venice FL. Geoff was the Regional Operations manager of Johnson Controls for Southwest Florida and retired in 2017. Geoff has 2 children that live in Chicago Il. and Oakland CA. Geoff and his wife Cookie live in Venice and they work at CAM on a regular basis. Geoff and Cookie enjoy the sunsets, warm climate and the people of Southwest Fl. Geoff and Cookie interests are family as they have 2 grandchildren, traveling, exercise, caning, gardening and working at the church. Geoff is a Trustee at the Trinity Presbyterian church in Venice and is the President of the Trustee’s. Cookie is an elder and is active in organizing the social activities of the church.

Geoff Baker Treasurer


Debbie Kretz

Debbie is the Secretary of the Board, a native of Pittsburgh PA and now is living in Venice FL. Debbie worked in the Athletic Office of a high school in Pittsburgh where she was blessed to be involved in teenagers lives for over 15 years.  Debbie has 4 children – 3 daughters and one son and she and her husband were guardians for another young man she met through the high school. Debbie and her husband Dave moved to Venice 6 years ago and they work at CAM on a regular basis. Debbie and Dave enjoy the sunsets, warm climate and enjoying their new lives in SW Florida.   Debbie and Dave’s interests are family as they have 3 grandchildren with more on the way, traveling, exercise, basketball and working at the church. Debbie is an Elder at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Venice and is the co-chair of the Mission Team. Dave is a Deacon at Trinity and is active in helping people in need.

Debbie Kretz Secretary



Janet Bernsdorf Head Volunteer

Janet is the Head volunteer of CAM. She previously worked in her family’s construction business in Ohio and is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Venice. Janet is married to Randy, has 4 grandchildren and 2 sons that live in Colorado and Ohio. When not at CAM Janet gardens and enjoys yoga. Janet has a 17 year history with CAM and has had the pleasure of working with several Directors including Barbara Winsmore, Karin Barbito, and Todd Miller.

Janet Bernsdorf Head Volunteer